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Marine Hydraulic Oil (68)

Marine Hydraulic Oil (68)
Marine Hydraulic Oil (68)
Product Code : 68
Brand Name : MarineBVN
Product Description

Alang Ship Yard is the Key Producer of Marine Hydraulic Oil 68 & We supplier in Indian Market last 15Years.

Complete range of Hydraulic Oil having properties of anti wear, high oxidation, thermal stability, High shear stability, excellent hydrolysis & Oxidation Resistance, food grade system oils & Compressor lubricating oils. These Oils are suitable in Machine tool hydraulic system, roller bearing circulation path, gear boxes, off highway equipments, highway equipments. Food grade oils are also available to use in foodgrade industry. 

Marine Hydraulic Oil (Ashless)
L-HV 15, 22, 32, 46, 68


PetroChina Lubricant Company’s L-HV Hydraulic Oil (ashless) series is produced with advanced technology. It has good anti-wear properties, oxidation and foam resistance, demulsibility and rust prevention properties, etc. It also has excellent low temperature performance. 

L-HV Hydraulic Oil (ashless)series is mainly used in all types of medium and high pressure hydraulic systems in the engineering, mineral machinery and ocean ships in the cold and very cold areas, especially the extreme harsh working environment. 

? Superior high viscosity index and low temperature performance.
? Excellent anti-wear properties, demulsibility and hydraulic stability.
? Corrosion and rust resistance, foam suppression and effectively eliminates air entrapment.
? Excellent filterability
? Good compatibility with all common sealing materials.

Bench Test and Mixing Test
? Vane pump test SH/T0307.
? FZG gear test SH/T0306.
? Indoor cold start bench test
? Outdoor long term field test in the cold area. 

Properties Typical Test Methods
 HV15 HV32 HV46 HV68 
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 oC       mm2/s 15.21 33.12 47.21 67.58 GB/T 265
Density15oC                    Kg/m3     
Viscosity Index   >130 GB/T 2541
Flash Point  (Open)                        oC >160 GB/T 3536
Pour Point                                          oC -37 -35 -35 -33 GB/T 3535
Air-release Number (50 oC)               min 4.3 6.4 8.2 10.3 SH/T 0308
Sealing Suitability Index    13 10 8 7 SH/T 0305
Demulsibility (40-37-3), 54 oC       min ﹤30 GB/T 7305
Foam Tendency                         mL/mL ﹤150/10 GB/T 12579
   24oC  ﹤150/10 
93.5oC   ﹤150/10 
Later 24oC    
Water Content                          % Trace GB/T 260
Mechanical Impurities                 % None GB/T 511
Copper Corrosion
(100 oC,3h ),  grade 1a GB/T 5096
* Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Storage and Handling
? All containers, tanks, pipelines and valves has to be cleaned thoroughly and    inspected to be clean for use before being used to transfer or transport L-HV 15, 32, 46, 68 to prevent contamination. 
? Storage tanks/equipment must be dedicated and is recommended to be stored in an indoor and controlled environment.
? Storage tanks/equipment must be waterproof, mist-proof and free from other mechanical particles.

? Product must be labelled clearly and properly during the entire transportation process to prevent mixing of other petrol-chemical product into the hydraulic oil.